This documentation relates to iSymphony 2.8.x, an earlier version. There is a newer version of iSymphony. You can visit the current documentation home.
This version is no longer supported. Please review the [End of Life Policy] for more details.

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iSymphony 2.8 now cotains a simple contact management system and support for app_ConfBridge 10.


  • Contacts
    • Each user now has a contact list that can be managed by the user.
    • Contact information includes First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Note.
    • Contacts can be added, edited and removed via the Contact Window.
    • Users can double click a contact in the contact list to originate a call to the number specified in the contact.
    • Users can drag any call to a contact in the contact list to transfer the call to the number specified in the contact.

  • ConfBridge 10 Support
    • Conference rooms based on ConfBridge 10 will now show proper state in the Conference Room Window.
    • Added location configuration property called Use Conf Bridge which tells iSymphony to use ConfBridge 10 instead of MeetMe.
    • If Use Conf Bridge is enabled all temporary conference rooms and non ChanSpy type barges will now utilize ConfBridge 10.
    • Added new custom context to isymphony.conf for calls to ConfBridge.


  • The Cell Phone button on Extension Boxes will now include the configured cell phone number in the tooltip.
  • The Email button on Extension Boxes will now include the configured email address in the tooltip.

FreePBX Module

  • Added client launch link in the Reports menu in order to provide access to the client launch page in newer versions of FreePBX 2.11.
  • Added detection of conference app type in FreePBX in order to set the Use Conf Bridge appropriately.

Known Issues

  • During a reload of an iSymphony location or restart of the iSymphony server the pause reasons will not initialize as Asterisk currently does not have the ability to query this information over the AMI.
  • Client installations via JNLP are no longer available on Mac OS X. See the following article for more information iSymphony JNLP client download no longer available for Mac OS X
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