This documentation relates to iSymphony 2.8.x, an earlier version. There is a newer version of iSymphony. You can visit the current documentation home.
This version is no longer supported. Please review the [End of Life Policy] for more details.

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This version serves as a hot fix for the issue that prevents the JNLP client from launching when using Java 1.7.0_51, which will be released in January 2014. This version also includes several new features and improvements.


  • When in a ChanSpy barge the user can now select from three barge types when selecting the mute/unmute icon on the barger's call.
    • mute - No parties on the call will be able to hear the barger.
    • whisper - Only the agent will be able to hear the barger.
    • barge - All parties on the call will be able to hear the barger.
  • A new Extension level option "Set penalty on agent login" has been added. When checked the user will be prompted to enter the penalty for the agent when logging the extension in as an agent.
  • A "reload" command has been added to the Queue level in the iSymphony CLI. This command will refresh the state of the currently active queue.


  • Agents are no longer logged out then back in when changing the agent's penalty.
  • Setting of pause reasons no longer unpause then pause the agent.

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

  • During a reload of an iSymphony location or restart of the iSymphony server the pause reasons will not initialize as Asterisk currently does not have the ability to query this information over the AMI.
  • Client installations via JNLP are no longer available on Mac OS X. See the following article for more information iSymphony JNLP client download no longer available for Mac OS X
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