This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.0, an earlier version. There is a newer version of iSymphony. You can visit the current documentation home

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Creating Tickets

All bug reports and issues should be reported via our Ticket System.


Make sure to include a detailed description of the bug/issue and what you were doing to cause it. Also include the time the bug occurred if possible. Be as detailed as possible.


Include all log files from /opt/isymphony3/server/log in the ticket. You can make a archive of the logs via the following command.

tar -zcvf islogs.tar.gz /opt/isymphony3/server/log

Extra Information For UI Issues

If you encounter a bug/issue with display in the client or administrator (i.e. UI not drawing correctly, phone state not showing what it should, ect.) Try the following steps to attempt to correct it. Please included which step, if any, resolved the issue in your issue report. This will give us a general idea of where the issue exists in the Application.

  1. First try a refresh of the page to see if that corrects the issue.
  2. If the refresh does not work try a restart of the client application by appending ?restartApplication to the end of the URL and hitting enter. 

    Remove the ?restartApplication from the URL once you have used it or else subsequent page refreshing will restart the application.

  3. If a refresh and a client application restart does not fix the issue try a restart of the iSymphony server.

Extra Information For FreePBX Module Issues

If you are using the iSymphony FreePBX Module and you are having issues with configuration syncing between the iSymphony FreePBX Module and the iSymphony Server you will want to add the module debug information to your ticket. See FreePBX Module Administration for more information on how to acquire the module debug contents.