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This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5 Beta. For current, stable documentation you can visit the current documentation home

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The contact settings page provides options for modifying the default functionality of the contact system.

Contact Options

Deleted User Option

This option will handle what happens when a user is deleted. The option modifies what happens from that point forward, and does not make retroactive changes. If you need to make retroactive changes, see the contact actions section.

  • Do nothing: When a user is deleted their phone books will remain in the system with no owner.
  • Delete user's phone books: When a user is deleted their phone books will also be deleted.
  • Assign Phone Books: When a user is deleted their phone books will automatically be assigned to the specified user.

Contact Actions

Actions are a one time action that an administrator can perform to modify the system. To setup the system to continually perform an action see the contact options.

A zombie book is defined as a book that has no owner. This can happen when the owner of a phone book has been deleted from the system and the contact options are not setup to automatically delete or reassign their books.

Note: Ownership is based off the user's ID, not the username. This means that if a user is deleted, then recreated with the same username, the zombie book (the books that the user previously owned) will not be assigned to that user.

Assign Zombie Books

This option will assign all of the current zombie books in the system to the specified user. 

Delete Zombie Books

This option will delete all of the current zombie books in the system.

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