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This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5 Beta. For current, stable documentation you can visit the current documentation home

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The PBX Connections configuration page allows administrators to manage connections to Asterisk servers. Administrators can access the PBX Connection configuration page by clicking on Phone System->PBX Connections in the Administration menu.

Multiple PBX Connections

Administrators can specify multiple PBX Connections for a single core server instance. This allows the system to combine call state information from several Asterisk systems that need to be represented as one single organization. See Combined PBX Installations for more information.


PBX Connections can be enabled and disabled dynamically by selecting the enable/disable link in the PBX Configuration page or using the enable checkbox in the PBX Configuration property page.

Some PBX Connections may not be enabled due to restrictions on your license.

PBX Connection Properties

Core Settings



Display name of the PBX Connection.


The Hostname or IP of the Asterisk server.


The port of the Asterisk Manager Interface (default: 5038).

Username:The username for the Asterisk Manager Interface. Can be found in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf.
Password:The password for the Asterisk Manager Interface. Can be found in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf.
Enabled:If checked the PBX Connection will be enabled.

CDR Connection


Host:The Hostname or IP of the Asterisk CDR database.
Port:The port of the Asterisk CDR database (default: 3306).
Database Name:The name of the CDR database as it is configured in Asterisk (default: asteriskcdrdb).


The username for the Asterisk CDR database.


The password for the Asterisk CDR database.

Recording Agent


Recording Agent:

Specifies the recording agent that provides recording data for the PBX Connection. Used to determine which CDR database to query for additional recording information.