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This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5 Beta. For current, stable documentation you can visit the current documentation home

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User Groups are used for permission sets and allow a specific permission set on an object to be applied to multiple users at once. See Permissions for more information. The User Group configuration page can be accessed by navigating to Users->Groups in the iSymphony Administration interface.

All Users

A default User Group called All Users is created and maintained by the system. This User Group will always contain all users in the system.

The All Users User Group cannot be modified or removed by any Administrator.

User Group Properties

Core Settings



The display name of the User Group.

Users:This section specifies which Users are part of the User Group. You can search for Users to add to the group by typing in the User's name into the field labeled Enter Username or you can simply select one from the list. You can remove Users from the User Group by selecting the x on the added User.