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This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5 Beta. For current, stable documentation you can visit the current documentation home

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Voicemail Agents provided data about voicemail to the iSymphony server by watching file system modifications on the system that stores the voicemail files. Normally you will only use the local default local-vm voicemail agent, with default settings, if you have the iSymphony server installed on the same machine as the PBX. If iSymphony is installed at a remote location you will have to setup a remote Voicemail Agent in order to feed information about voicemail from the remote PBX to the iSymphony server. See Remote Agents for more information.

You can specify which Voicemail Agents provide voicemail data to the current selected Core Server by checking them off in the list under the Voicemail Agents section in the Core Server Settings.

You can access the Voicemail Agent properties by selecting Settings in the Administration Interface menu and selecting edit on the Voicemail Agent you wish to modify under the Voicemail Agents section.

Only Super Administrators can manage Voicemail Agent Settings. See Administrators for more information.

Voicemail Agent Properties

Voicemail Directory:

The root directory where the voicemail files are stored (default: /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail).

Resouce Host:
The host or IP used when providing URLs for playback in the client. This should be set to the public hostname or IP of the server the Voicemail Agent resides on.

Resource Extension:

The extension of the file type to use when streaming voicemail in the client. (default: wav)