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This page is currently being written. Although the information below is probably accurate, it may not be complete or may have errors.

The information on this page applies to iSymphony 3.1+.


The default extension user REST resource allows access to the user who has the parent extension set as their default extension. This resource allows you to set which user the extension is the default extension for.

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Root Resource Path


JSON Representation

  "id": "56cf70a3-1ee0-4b09-8f40-297430eeeddf",
  "username": "4224",
  "password": "e5e9fa1ba31ecd1ae84f75caaa474f3a663f05f4",
  "enabled": true,
  "full": true,
  "displayName": "Steve S",
  "lastPasswordChangedAt": null,
  "permissionDisplayName": "Steve S",
  "permissionId": "56cf70a3-1ee0-4b09-8f40-297430eeeddf"

Configuration id of the user.

usernameStringUsername of the user.
passwordStringSHA-1 hash of the user's password.
enabledBooleanFlag specifying if the user is enabled.
fullBooleanFlag specifying if the user is a full or lite user.
displayNameStringThe display name for the user.
LongThe last time the user changed their password from the client interface. Represented as a Unix timestamp in milliseconds. Can be null.
StringDisplay name of the user in the permission system.
StringPermission id of the user.

Resource Paths

DescriptionAccesses the user the extension is set as a default for.

Gets the user the extension is set as a default for.


  • 404 'The extension's user does not have a default extension set': The extension does not have a default user set.
  • 404 'The extension is not bound to a user': The extension is not currently bound to a user. The extension must be bound to the user before you can set it as the default extension of the user.
  • 404 'This extension is not a default extension': The extension is not currently bound to any user.

Sets the extension as the default extension for the given user.

Curl Examples

Gets the user the current extension is set as a default for

curl --user manager:manag3rpa55word -k -i -H "Accept: application/json" http://localhost:58080/communication_manager/rest/config/asterisk/ee828da8-5ee6-412d-82ac-1273f598659d/extensions/56cf70a3-1ee0-4b09-8f40-297430eeeddf/defaultExtensionUser

Set the extension as the default extension for the given user

curl --user manager:manag3rpa55word -k -i -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" -X PUT -d '{"id":"ed38fe4d-13ad-4fd0-be25-d3404c421370","username":"4224","password":"60b6e3843f2b26d3a24c27c4f3f071861c2f14e4","enabled":true,"full":false,"displayName":"Michael Y (desk)","lastPasswordChangedAt":null,"permissionDisplayName":"Michael Y (desk)","permissionId":"ed38fe4d-13ad-4fd0-be25-d3404c421370"}' http://localhost:58080/communication_manager/rest/config/asterisk/ee828da8-5ee6-412d-82ac-1273f598659d/extension/56cf70a3-1ee0-4b09-8f40-297430eeeddf/defaultExtensionUser
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