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This page is currently being written. Although the information below is probably accurate, it may not be complete or may have errors.

The information on this page applies to iSymphony 3.1+.


The module license REST resource allows access to the module licenses for a specific license. Each module in the system can have its own license, where license properties specific to the module are stored. 


On this page:


Root Resource Path

communication_manager/rest/config/server/coreServers/[{id} | getByName/{slug}]/license/moduleLicenses

JSON Representation

  "id": "c5ec4a36-545b-4f80-a82c-4b009b7621a7",
  "moduleId": "core"

Configuration id of the module license.

moduleIdStringThe id of the module the license is for.

Resource Paths

communication_manager/rest/config/server/coreServers/[{id} | getByName/{slug}]/license/moduleLicenses
DescriptionAccesses all module licenses for the core server license.
GET Gets all the module licenses for the core server license.
communication_manager/rest/config/server/coreServers/[{id} | getByName/{slug}]/license/moduleLicenses/{moduleLicenseId}
DescriptionAccesses a specific module license.

Gets a specific module license.


  • moduleLicenseId: The configuration id of the module license.


  • 404: Returned if a module license with the given id does not exist.

Sub/Child Resource Paths

communication_manager/rest/config/server/coreServers/[{id} | getByName/{slug}]/license/moduleLicenses/{moduleLicenseId}/properties

Access the sub/child resource that provides the properties of the module license.

See Module License Properties for more information.

Curl Examples

Get all module licenses for the given core server license

curl --user manager:manag3rpa55word -k -i -H "Accept: application/json" http://localhost:58080/communication_manager/rest/config/server/coreServers/bb8404fb-95b6-474c-b30e-0975283ea692/license/moduleLicenses

Get a specific module license

curl --user manager:manag3rpa55word -k -i -H "Accept: application/json" http://localhost:58080/communication_manager/rest/config/server/coreServers/bb8404fb-95b6-474c-b30e-0975283ea692/license/moduleLicenses/c5843sfb-95b6-474c-b32e-0973283ea592
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