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This page is currently being written. Although the information below is probably accurate, it may not be complete or may have errors.

The information on this page applies to iSymphony 3.2+.

This event will only be fired for queues that are enabled.


The queue call enter event signifies that a call has entered a queue.

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JSON Representation

  "type": "queueCallEnter",
  "time": 1436896379521,
  "coreServerId": "e5c01703-3c6d-429a-8712-66c826064e65",
  "callSegmentId": "587fc244-9f6d-4253-8d3d-f8d01b10807a",
  "callerIdName": "Michael Y (alt)",
  "callerIdNumber": "42243",
  "position": 1,
  "did": "5001",
  "queueId": "d84b6349-099b-48c5-bc8c-2aecd5de2b45",
  "queue": "IncomingQ"
callSegmentIdStringThe id of the call segment that represents the call.
StringThe caller id name of the call that entered the queue.
callerIdNumberStringThe caller id number of the call that entered the queue.
positionIntegerThe initial position of the call when it entered the queue.
didStringThe number the call used to enter the system, or null if the call was created in response to a dial, or no DID could be found.
queueIdStringThe id of the queue the call entered.
queueStringThe display name of the queue the call entered.
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