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This page is currently being written. Although the information below is probably accurate, it may not be complete or may have errors.

The information on this page applies to iSymphony 3.2+.


The user logout event signifies that a user has successful logged out of the iSymphony client interface.

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JSON Representation

 "type": "userLogout",
  "time": 1436889915953,
  "coreServerId": "e5c01703-3c6d-429a-8712-66c826064e65",
  "userId": "e7577c7b-5d58-46a5-a834-386f52401c19",
  "username": "4224",
  "userLoginId": "0c51236d-5f93-4379-8997-8a840a511497",
  "ip": "",
  "port": 57042
userIdStringThe id of the user that logged out.
usernameStringThe username of the user that logged out.
userLoginIdStringThe id of the object that represents the user login.
ipStringThe ip the user connected from.
portIntegerThe local port used to connect to the client interface.
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