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This page is currently being written. Although the information below is probably accurate, it may not be complete or may have errors.

The information on this page applies to iSymphony 3.2+.

This event will only be fired when a license is installed on the core server, and only for extensions that are bound to licensed/full users.


The user status event signifies that the status of a user has changed.

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JSON Representation

  "type": "userStatus",
  "time": 1436892834943,
  "coreServerId": "e5c01703-3c6d-429a-8712-66c826064e65",
  "userId": "e7577c7b-5d58-46a5-a834-386f52401c19",
  "username": "4224",
  "name": "Out of Office",
  "statusType": "xa",
  "note": "",
  "returnTime": -1,
  "userCreated": false
userIdStringThe id of the user the status was set on.
usernameStringThe username of the user the status was set on.
nameStringThe name of the status.
statusTypeStringThe status type. See Status Types below for the values of this property.
noteStringThe note set for the user's status.
returnTimeLongThe time the user has set to return, or -1 if no return time has been set. Represented as a unix timestamp, in milliseconds.
userCreatedBooleanTrue, if the status is a custom status set by the user; false, if the status is a pre-configured status.

Status Types

The following is a list of status types that could be reported by the user status event.

The current status type set on a user does not effect call flow or any other actions in the panel. The status is simply used for informational purposes.


  • available
  • unavailable
  • away
  • xa
  • dnd
  • chat
  • altblue
  • altgreen
  • altpink
  • altpurple
  • altred

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