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  • Adding New Desktop Client Installers

This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5. You can view older documentation on the Older Documentation page

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This document covers how to add new desktop client installers to the desktop client module.

Adding installers using this method requires Desktop Client Module version >= 2.0.0. To install the Desktop Client Module see Desktop Client Module Installation or for upgrading see Desktop Client Module Upgrade.

  1. Download the .zip archive you wish to serve:


    You can always find the latest versions of iSymphony, the Desktop Client Installers, and the Desktop Client Module at the Download Archive along with their download URLs.

  2. Make sure the downloaded archive belongs to the user that is running the iSymphony server (on FreePBX installs this will be asterisk). If the file belongs to a different user (but the iSymphony process still has read access) iSymphony may not receive an event for the file creation and will not make the download available in the user interface until the server is restarted.   

    chown asterisk:asterisk ./
  3. Move the .zip archive to the installers directory created by the desktop client module:

    mv ./ /opt/isymphony3/server/installers/
  4. The latest version of the desktop client will be served. If no installers are added to the installers directory then the legacy installers (version < 2.0.0) will be served instead.

    Removing a .zip archive will remove the hidden directory and prevent the installer from being served. Removing previous installers is not required; the latest version will always be served.

    If you wish to serve the legacy installers (version < 2.0.0) with the new module remove all of the .zip archives from the installer directory.

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