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If you are using an iSymphony Remote Agent, there are extra steps that need to be taken to properly upgrade your iSymphony system.

General Notes

General Process

When upgrading an iSymphony system with remote agents, it's important to ensure that the iSymphony remote agent and the main iSymphony server are using the same version. Therefore, the general process to take is as follows. See the main upgrade documentation for details on each step. 

  1. Shut down the agent.
  2. Upgrade the main iSymphony server.
  3. Start the main iSymphony server and verify that it has upgraded correctly.
  4. Upgrade the agent.
  5. Remove the /opt/isymphony3/server/conf/servers/default directory from the agent installation.
  6. Start the agent and verify that it reconnects to the main server correctly. 

Agent Upgrade Method

Because there is no administration interface for the agent, it is not possible to use the automatic upgrade method for agents. The manual upgrade path will need to be used for the agents, but you can still use the automatic upgrade method for the main server. 

Upgrading from iSymphony 3.0 to iSymphony 3.1+

We have made significant improvements to the communication system in iSymphony 3.1. As a result, the method of specifying the broker connection information for remote agents has changed. Please note that these changes only need to be done on the remote agent, not on the main iSymphony server. 

  1. Ensure the iSymphony remote agent is not running, by shutting down the iSymphony server on the remote agent machine. See Starting And Stopping The iSymphony Server for more details.
  2. Edit the file /opt/isymphony3/server/jvm.args. Add a new line to the end with the following content:


    Note the following:

    1. Change the <hostname> placeholder to the hostname or IP address of your primary iSymphony server.
    2. Change the <portname> placeholder to the port number that your primary iSymphony server is configured to set up its broker on. By default, this port is 51000
  3. Save and close the file, and start the iSymphony remote agent. 
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