This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5. You can view older documentation on the Older Documentation page

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There are several places in the application that show call status. These include the My Stream WidgetUsers Widget, and Queue Agents Widget.

Call Status Colors

Call status is represented in the application by changing the color of specific objects like Calls, Accounts, Users and Agents. The system has several default colors for each call status. These colors can be customized by the Administrator (See Users for more information).


A white color signifies that an extension is currently registered but idle.

Light Grey

A light grey color signifies that an extension is currently unregistered.

Dark Grey

A dark grey color signifies that a call is currently on hold.


A yellow color signifies a ringing call. This is used for both incoming and outgoing rings.

By default both incoming and outgoing ringing state is represented by the same color however the colors for these states can be defined independently.

Light Green

A light green color signifies a linked call with an outside line.

Dark Green

A dark green color signifies a linked call with a local phone system destination (e.g. Extensions to Extension, Extension to Conference Room, Extension to Voicemail box).


An orange color signifies a call that came from a queue.