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  • Connecting To The Client Interface

This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5. You can view older documentation on the Older Documentation page

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The iSymphony Client Interface allows end Users to interact with the core features of iSymphony (Call Management, Presence Management, Voicemail Management, Recording Management ect.). iSymphony 3.0 utilizes a web based Client Interface.

Browser Access

The Client Interface can be accessed by going to the following URL in your browser.

http://<ip or hostname of the iSymphony server>:58080/client/client

The port 58080 is the default web port for the iSymphony server. This port may vary depending on configuration.


When accessing the Client Interface you will be prompted to enter a username and password.

User Credentials

Depending on the type of install you have the default credentials for the Users will vary.

Vanilla Asterisk

On Vanilla Asterisk installations the Username and Password for all Users will be defined during creation time by the Administrator. Contact your system Administrator for your login credentials.


When using the iSymphony FreePBX module the default behavior will be to sync user credentials with the FreePBX User Management module. If the iSymphony module has Sync With User Management enabled (Admin->iSymphony V3->Sync With User Management in FreePBX) an iSymphony user will be created for each user listed in the FreePBX User Management module (Admin->User Management in FreePBX). The usernames and passwords specified in User Management will be the ones used to log into the iSymphony Client Interface. See FreePBX Module Administration for more information.

When creating a new extension in FreePBX a user will also be created in User Management automatically. You can set the password for the created user in the User Manager Settings section on the extension creation page in FreePBX.

If the iSymphony module has Sync With User Management disabled you can see your default usernames and passwords from View Inital User Passwords (Admin->iSymphony V3->View Initial User Passwords in FreePBX). In this mode you can managed the iSymphony user passwords from the extension management page (Applications->Extensions->[extension number]->iSymphony Settings in FreePBX). See FreePBX Module Administration for more information.

User Login With Multiple Core Servers

When there are multiple Core Servers configured in iSymphony users need to add additional information to the username in order to specify which core server they wish to login to. See Core Servers for more information on Core Server management.

In order to specify the core server that the user wants to login as they must specify the unique id of the Core Server in the username field on the login page with the format <core server unique name>\<username>. For example if you have a Core Server with a unique id of server1 and you have a user configured in that Core Server with username johnd you would enter server1\johnd in the username field on the login page.