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This document covers how to install the Desktop Client Application on your machine. The Desktop Client Application allows users to utilize the iSymphony client interface from within a native application that runs on the user's machine. This allows iSymphony to act as a native application, with its own window and shortcuts. The Desktop Client Application also allows for functionality like Global Hot Key focusing and application based CRM popups. 

In order to have access to the Desktop Client Application you must first install the Desktop Client Module. See Desktop Client Module Installation for more information.

On this page:


1. Download The Desktop Client Installer

There are two methods to download the Desktop Client installer. Both methods will download the appropriate installer for your host OS.

Download From The Client Web Interface

  1. Log into the iSymphony Client Interface. See Connecting To The Client Interface.
  2. Open the user menu in the top right hand corner of the Client Interface.
  3. Select Desktop Client.
  4. Copy the URL that is specified in the dialog that is opened. We will need this URL later.
  5. Select Download Desktop Client.

Some browsers may flag the download as un-trusted and show a warning. Simply ignore the warnings and proceed with the download.

Download Directly From The URL

You can enter the following URL in your browser to download the Desktop Client installer:

http://<ip or hostname of your iSymphony server>:58080/client/desktop/client

2. Install The Desktop Client

The installation method will vary depending on the OS you are installing on.


To execute the installer on Windows simply double click the downloaded installer package, and the installation process will commence.

Alternatively the installer can be called from the command line with the following options:

  • /S - makes the installer silent
  • /AllUsers - Installs the desktop client for all users (administration privileges required)
    • Default install directory is program files
  • /CurrentUser - Installs the desktop client for the current user only (default is CurrentUser)
    • Default install directory is ~/AppData
  • /D=<directory name> - forces the desktop client to be installed into a certain directory (this needs to be the last option!)
    • Default directory for depends on the install mode (AllUsers or CurrentUser)

For example:

iSymphonyDesktopSetup.exe /S /AllUsers /D=C:\foo\bar\isymdesktop


  1. Mount the downloaded dmg file by double clicking on it.
  2. Once mounted copy the iSymphony file to your Applications directory. 
  3. Unmount the dmg.


  1. Extract the desktop client:

    tar xvf isymphony_desktop_client_2_0_0.tar.gz -C installation_location
  2. Run the program:


Uninstalling The Desktop Client

The uninstall procedure differs for each OS.


  1. Open your Start Menu and navigate to Control Panel->Programs and Features.
  2. Right click on iSymphony and select uninstall.


Simply delete the file from your Applications directory.


Delete the directory the .tar.gz was extracted to.

Using The Desktop Client Application

For information on how to use the Desktop Client Application see Desktop Client.



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