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This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5. You can view older documentation on the Older Documentation page

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Extension Groups are used to allow grouping of Extension in the system into logical subsets. For Example you may have an Extension Group that contains all support extension and another group that contains all sales extensions. A specific Extension Group can be selected in the Users Widget's Filter and Sort Bar in order to only show those extensions that are part of the selected Extension Group. Administrators can access the Extension Group configuration page by navigating to Extensions->Groups in the iSymphony Administration Interface.

Missing extension group?

Extension groups created in the Client can only be configured if the user is a viewer and editor. All Extension groups can be configured from the administration screen.

When creating an extension group, if the user does not add themselves as a viewer and editor they will be unable to configure the group they created and will need to go to the Admin panel to modify the configuration.

All Extensions

A default Extension Group called All Extensions is created and maintained by the system. This Extension Group will always contain all extensions in the system.

The All Extensions Extension Group cannot be modified or removed by any Administrator.

User Group Properties

Core Settings



The display name of the Extension Group.

Public:If checked the extension directory will be visible to all users in the system. If unchecked only the users marked as a viewer will be able to see the extension directory.

This section specifies which extension are part of the extension group and which users have access to view the group and edit the group.

  • Member: This extension/user is a member of the group.
  • Viewer: This user can view the group in the drop down in the Users Widget.
  • Editor: This user can edit the extension group from the client.
 If you add a User to the Extension Group as a member all of the User's bound Extensions, as well as their external numbers, will be added to the Extension Group.