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  • Migrating an iSymphony Server

This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5. You can view older documentation on the Older Documentation page

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Migrating an iSymphony instance to a new machine involves performing a fresh installation on the new machine while backing up the configuration from the old machine and restoring it on the new one.

Migration Procedure

  1. Back up all files in /opt/isymphony3/server/conf.
  2. If you are using a FreePBX based system with the iSymphony FreePBX module and changes were made to the iSymphony configuration in FreePBX you will need to back up the FreePBX database, via the backup mechanism in FreePBX, as well if you want those changes to carry over. This step is not required for the migration.
  3. Perform a fresh installation of iSymphony on the new machine.
    1. See FreePBX, Elastix and PBX in a Flash Installation for FreePBX based systems.
    2. See Asterisk Server (Vanilla) Installation for all other types of installations.
  4. Make sure the iSymphony server is not running. If the server is running shut it down. See Starting, Stopping and Restarting the Server.
  5. Restore all files in /opt/isymphony3/server/conf on the new machine.
  6. Start the iSymphony server. See Starting, Stopping and Restarting the Server.
  7. If you performed step 2 restore the FreePBX database now and reload FreePBX.
  8. If you have a license reactivate it on the new machine using your serial key.