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The Preferences dialog, accessible through the User Menu, allows each user to configure settings for iSymphony to customize their experience. Please see the individual pages for more details regarding each setting:



On this page:

Call Settings

The Call Settings section specifies settings used when managing calls in iSymphony.

Transfer Type

The transfer type setting determines how your phone will behave when transferring calls from within iSymphony. There are three available options:

The call will be directly transferred to the destination, disconnecting your phone.

The destination of the transfer will be called first in order to ask them if they wish to receive the transferred call. The transferred call will be placed on hold. The transferring user can hangup the call with the destination in order to complete the transfer. If the destination hangs up before the transferer does the call will be returned to the transferer.

When transferring a call, you will be prompted to select Blind or Attended each time.

If using the Transfer Action Button in iSymphony a check box will appear that will let the user specify if the transfer should be Attended or not. See Actions for more information.


Notification Timeout
The timeout in seconds for the notification popup to timeout.

Use desktop notifications
Check to enabled the use of desktop notifications.

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