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Important - Please Read Before Updating

Important Notes on upgrading from version 2.x.x to version 3.0.0


iSymphony 3.0.0 is a complete ground up rewrite of the iSymphony system. Because iSymphony 3.0.0 utilizes many new technologies and implements features and configuration in a completely new way, there is currently no direct upgrade path from iSymphony 2.x.x to iSymphony 3.0.0. If you are upgrading from a 2.x.x iSymphony install, you will have to deploy iSymphony 3.0.0 as a new installation and configure it from scratch. Please see Asterisk Server (Vanilla) Installation and FreePBX, Elastix and PBX in a Flash Installation for details on how to perform a new installation. iSymphony 3.0.0 can be run along side iSymphony 2.x.x without issue.



Before upgrading your iSymphony 3 server make sure that your license supports the version that you are upgrading to.

If your license is out of maintenance and you are upgrading to a version that was released after your maintenance expired your license will not work with the upgraded version.

You can check your license's maintenance expiration date by navigating to Settings -> Licensing in the iSymphony Administration interface. See the following articles for more information:


You have two different options for updating your server to the latest version of iSymphony. Upgrades should be performed at a time when the system is not in use to reduce down time. We recommend that the manual update procedure only be used if the automated procedure fails or an automated update is not an option.


If using the FreePBX Module make sure to update it to the latest version.


  1. Backup all files in /opt/isymphony3/server/conf
  2. Log into the iSymphony Administration page. See Connecting to the Administration Interface for more information.
  3. Select Global Configuration in the top right hand corner of the administration window.
  4. If an update is available for download you will see a button next to System under Modules that reads Download Update <version>.
  5. Click on the Download Update <version> button to begin downloading the update.
  6. Once the download and decompression is complete click the button again to install the update.

Once this is done the server will shutdown and apply the update. The server will then automatically restart. 


The manual upgrade instructions will differ depending on the type of install you have:


  1. Backup all files in /opt/isymphony3/server/conf
  2. Use the following command to stop your iSymphony Server:

  3. Once you have downloaded the new RPM to the server run the following command to apply the update.

  4. Restart your iSymphony Server using the following command:


  1. Back up all files in /opt/isymphony3/server/conf.
  2. Shutdown the server.

  3. Once you have downloaded the iSymphony tarball to your server run the following commands to apply the update.

    The install script will detect the installed instance of iSymphony and apply the upgrades.

  4. Restart the server