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  • Voicemail And Recording Playback Host Setup

This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5. You can view older documentation on the Older Documentation page

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iSymphony has the ability to playback voicemail and recordings directly from within the browser. In order for playback to work correctly, iSymphony needs to know the hostname or IP address of the machine that is serving the voicemail and recording files. This will allow the system to generate URLs that can be loaded by the the browser playback component.

The host that should be set is usually the hostname or IP of the phone system, which is accessible by the client machines that will be running iSymphony in their browsers. In the case that the iSymphony server is installed on the same machine as the phone system, the playback hostname or ip will be the same value that the clients utilize to access the iSymphony panel in their browsers.

If you have a remote iSymphony setup you must have a remote Voicemail and Recording Agent setup on the phone system, in order to serve the voicemail and recording files. See Remote Agents for more information.

Setting The Playback Host

The area where you set the playback host will differ, depending on if you are utilizing a FreePBX based phone system or not.

Setting The Playback Host On A FreePBX Based System

  1. Log into FreePBX.
  2. Navigate to Admin->iSymphony V3.
  3. Set the Resource Host fields, under both the Recording Agent Settings and Voicemail Agent Settings sections, to the client accessible IP or hostname of the phone system. See FreePBX Module Administration for more information.
  4. Save and run Apply Config.

Setting The Playback Host On A Vanilla Asterisk System

  1. Log into the iSymphony Administrator. See Connecting to the Administration Interface for more information.
  2. Navigate to Settings->System Settings.
  3. Select Edit on the appropriate agent under Voicemail Agents.  
  4. Set the Resource Host field to the client accessible IP or hostname of the phone system. See Voicemail Agents and Recording Agents for more information.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the appropriate agent under Recording Agents.
  7. Click Save on the System Settings page.