This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5. You can view older documentation on the Older Documentation page

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The Voicemail Widget allows you to view and manage voicemail for your Accounts.


You can filter the vociemail list by voicemail box or folder by selecting a voicemail box or folder from the list on the left. Selecting All Voicemails will allow you to see all voicemail in all voicemail boxes and folders.



The caller ID name and number of the call that left the voicemail.


The Date and Time the voicemail was left along with the length of the voicemail.


Play Back

Users can play back voicemail in one of two ways.

In Browser

If you select a voicemail a play back bar will appear under the voicemail list. You can use this bar to pause, play and seek throug the voicemail.

On The Phone

If you select the Play Button on a voicemail your Default Account (See My Stream for more information) will be called and the voicemal will be played back to you over the phone.


Download the selected voicemail.


You can permanently delete a voicemail by selecting the Delete Button on the Voicemail. You can delete multiple voicemails at once by using Ctrl-Click or Shift-Click and hitting the Delete Key.

Call Back

The Call Back Button will allow you to originate a call to the caller id number of the call that left the voicemail via your Default Account (See My Stream for more information).


The Move Button allows you to move voicemail between one of the predefined voicemail folders.


The Forward Button allows you to forward the voicemail to one or more users in the system.