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This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5. You can view older documentation on the Older Documentation page

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The Chat system in iSymphony has the ability to be backed by an external XMPP Jabber server. This document covers the procedure to configure iSymphony to connect to an XMPP server.

It is the responsibility of the Administrator to setup the XMPP server and the users in it.

In order for users to see the XMPP status and chat with other users in the XMPP server, you must setup the users to the point where all users are on eachothers rosters (buddy lists). This must be done on the XMPP server.

Setting Up The XMPP Server Connection

  1. Log into the iSymphony Administrator. See Connecting to the Administration Interface.
  2. Navigate to Settings -> System Settings.
  3. Change the Chat Provider from Default to XMPP.
  4. Set the Server Host to the hostname or IP of the XMPP server.
  5. If you have a self signed SSL/TLS certificate installed on your XMPP server check Allow Untrusted Certs under Additional Settings.
  6. If your XMPP user domain differs from the Server Host field specify the user domain in the Domain field under Additional Settings.
  7. Click Save.

Setting Up The XMPP User Login Credentials

  1. Once the XMPP Connection is setup, navigate to each iSymphony user that will be using chat (Users and Security -> Users -> <username>).
  2. Specify the XMPP Username and Password for the user under XMPP Profile.

    You DO NOT have to specify the domain name in the user name (i.e.

    The XMPP Profile section will not be visible unless the Chat Provider is set to XMPP in the core server settings.

  3. Click Save.