This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5. You can view older documentation on the Older Documentation page

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This version includes new features such as pause reason support and several bug fixes and workarounds. This build also includes a workaround for the Java 7 bug detailed here: Java Web Start Launcher has stopped working Java 7 Update 7


  • Administrators can now configure Pause Reasons in a similar fashion as Availability Statuses. If Pause Reasons exist in the configuration and a user pauses themselves or another agent in a queue the user will be asked to choose from the set of configured Pause Reasons.
  • Pause Reason is now displayed in the Agent table if the agent is paused.
  • A timer has been added to the the Agent table signifying how long an agent has been paused.
  • Added the ability to take advantage of the DND functionality on non FreePBX based systems. This can be enabled via the Force DND option in the location configuration. Note that you will have to implement the AstDB, dialplan, and dialplan hints exactly as FreePBX implements them in order to take advantage of this feature on a non FreePBX based system.
  • Added view permissions to restrict access to each of the window types in the client on a per user or permission group basis.


  • The Extension number that is being called has been added to the list of variables accessible by the Call Popup mechanism. The variable mask %EXTEN% can be used to insert the extension number.
  • A custom variable has been added to the list of variables accessible by the Call Popup mechanism. This variable can be set as an Asterisk channel variable in the dialplan with the key CXPOPCUSTOM and accessed via the variable mask %CUSTOM% in the call popup configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • A workaround has been implemented to prevent a bug in Web Start within Java 7 from crashing Web Start on launch of the jnlp file as described here: Java Web Start Launcher has stopped working Java 7 Update 7
  • Assisted transfers to cell phone will no longer transfer to the extension number of the cell phone.

Known Issues

  • During a reload of an iSymphony location or restart of the iSymphony server the pause reasons will not initialize as Asterisk currently does not have the ability to query this information over the AMI.
  • Java 7 update 9 on Mac OSX contains a bug that prevents the installation of the shortcut in-turn preventing the installation of the application.
  • Dragging from some tables in the client application cause the application to freeze when on Mac OSX version 10.7 or higher.

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