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  • iSymphony 3.0.2 Change Log

This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5. You can view older documentation on the Older Documentation page

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iSymphony 3.0.2 serves as a patch release to resolve several bugs and includes support for the new FreePBX User Management module.


  • Action buttons are no longer shown for each voicemail and recording item. Actions now appear in a general area based on the current selected items at the bottom of the voicemail and recording widgets.
  • Settings have been modified to force the JVM to be more liberal when releasing unused memory back to the OS.
  • Improved references to the End User License Agreement.
  • A new file called jvm.args has been added under /opt/isymphony3/server/ which allows users to specify JVM arguments without having to edit
  • A new file called has been added under /opt/isymphony3/server/ which allows users to specify application runtime properties without having to edit

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several issues where NullPointerExceptions would be thrown when modifying the UI.
  • Fixed issue where a TimeoutExecption would be thrown when editing an Extension Group in the client.
  • Fixed issue where attended transfers would transfer the wrong channel.
  • Fixed issue where the iSymphonyServerV3 service would not register properly with chkconfig preventing the server from starting on reboot.
  • Fixed issue where the CollectionChangeSupport class would not log exceptions properly.
  • Fixed issue where a deadlock would occur when removing a call from the panel causing the server to lockup permanently.
  • Fixed issue where a TimeoutException would be thrown when closing a chat session.
  • Fixed issue where call history would not populate correctly when logging out then back in to the same user.
  • Fixed issue where chat accounts in My Stream had the old active account indicator.
  • Fixed issue where the call and transfer action destination tables would filter out user accounts if the search term matched on the user but not on the account.
  • Fixed issue where queue calls would not sort properly.
  • Fixed issue where calls generated from the panel would have blank caller id in the call history record.


  • Added support for the new FreePBX User Management module.
  • Fixed issue where extensions would not unbind from their respective users if thy were no longer configured to be bound to the user.
  • Fixed issue where queues would not be enabled by default.
  • Fixed issue where php end tags would cause problems with FreePBX AGI scripts.
  • Fixed issue where users would get blank password emails.
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