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  • iSymphony 3.0.3 Change Log

This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5. You can view older documentation on the Older Documentation page

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iSymphony 3.0.3 serves as a patch release to resolve several bugs and includes client side push efficiency improvements.


  • The push system has been modified to restrict the amount of push events that can be sent from the server to the browser, within in a specified amount of time. This provides a large increase in UI update efficiency when handling several UI updates at once, as the overall overhead for handling push events is decreased. This modification also significantly reduces Javascript processing time, and resource consumption, in the browser.
  • Modified the automated upgrade mechanism to display links to the upgrade notes, release notes, and change log, for the available upgrade version,  under the upgrade button.
  • Added a warning to the administrator interface to inform administrators if their maintenance expiration date has expired, or that it is about to expire.
  • Added a warning to the automated update area to inform administrators if their license does not support the upgrade due to maintenance expiration.
  • Added a Tenant Identifier field to the top level Core Server configuration that is utilized to specify which recordings belong to the core server's tenant.
  • Added a new recording filename mask variable ${Tenant} that can be used to identify which tenant a recording belongs to.
  • Added the auto answer header "Alert-Info: ring-answer" in order to support older Digium phones.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the call segment account container would cause a deadlock in the system in specific instances.
  • Fixed issue where desktop notifications would not function properly in Safari.
  • Fixed issue where defaults would not be initialized properly when creating new instances of certain objects in the administration interface.
  • Fixed issue where multiple instances of the desktop notification preference would appear in the Preferences page.
  • Fixed issue where a null pointer exception would be thrown when loading the Presence Driver in some circumstances.
  • Fixed issue where conference room state would get cleared during a dialplan reload.
  • Fixed issue where table columns would disappear if they were reordered and the user logged out then back in.
  • Fixed issue where using the up and down keys on the keyboard, to scroll through items in the administrator interface, would not update the configuration properties based on the currently selected item.
  • Fixed issue where button items would cause a memory leak in the client interface.
  • Fixed issue where a Unsafe exception would be thrown from the BPConcurrentHashmap class.
  • Fixed issue where null pointer exceptions would be thrown from the Queue Calls Widget, due to race conditions between the UI threads and threads modifying the underlying model.
  • Fixed issue where long load times would be experienced in the permission configuration sections when the system had a large amount of configured users.
  • Fixed issue where a timeout exception would be thrown when editing the voicemail agent configuration in the administrator.
  • Fixed issue where the View Calls and View CallerId permissions were not honored in the Queue Agent Widget.
  • Fixed issue where User Groups would not appear in the Extension Group permission section in the client.
  • Fixed issue where exceptions would be thrown due to the Permission Manager initializing before the Core Server Configuration Manager.
  • Fixed issue where the modules in the upgrade folder would be added to the class path of the current running instance.
  • Fixed issue where local channel relationships would not be updated when a local channel masqueraded another local channel.
  • Fixed issue where permission configuration entries would not be cleared for User or UserGroups that were removed from the system.
  • Fixed issue where transfers to parking lots would utilize a blind transfer causing issues with timeout ring backs and lot number announcements going to the person being parked. Attended transfers are now used when transferring calls to parking lots where applicable.
  • Fixed issue where non functioning Uninstall buttons would show up for individual modules in the module list.
  • Fixed issue where the the source extension would be written out for the destination recording file name mask when iSymphony called MixMonitor directly.
  • Fixed issue where the recording widget would show the destination extension under the source extension column.
  • Fixed issue where Parking Lot Identifier field name was misspelled. 
  • Fixed issue where a null pointer exception would be thrown when performing an attended transfer from the panel.
  • Fixed issue where exceptions thrown during a call to one_touch_record.php would not be logged properly.
  • Fixed issue where upgrades performed via the automated update mechanism would fail in a FreePBX Distro environment. 
  • Fixed issue where permission would not get saved properly.
  • Fixed issue where attended transfers would cause blank call items in the action call lists.
  • Fixed issue where user would be presented with hold an park buttons on calls that were not linked.
  • Fixed issue where actions would be available for channels that were not bound to an extension causing errors when attempting to perform permission checks for those actions. These types of actions are now hidden if the channel does not have a bound extension.
  • Fixed issue where the recording directory root set in recording.xml would not be honored when iSymphony called MixMonitor directly. 
  • Fixed issue where users could not turn off desktop notifications.
  • Fixed issue where the Call Segment Driver would not report which call segment was created for a specific Asterisk channel.
  • Fixed issue where logging was not possible for third party libraries that utilized JUL.


Some of these changes were included in version 3.1.3 of the module, while other changes were included in 3.1.4.


  • The client host field, in the main iSymphony V3 module page, is now only used as an override value. If no value is specified in this field the ip or hostname from the current browser URL will be utilized when selecting the link to the client.
  • The "Add to iSymphony" option on the User Management page is no longer shown when "Sync With User Management" is unchecked.
  • FreePBX is now flagged for reload when a license is successfully activated from within FreePBX.
  • The version of the GPL used is now reported in the module admin.
  • Custom Device State is now enabled automatically when the module is installed.
  • The cxpanel module will no longer install if the manager module is not present in FreePBX.
  • The SIP setting Call Events is now set to "yes" when the module is installed.
  • Added a warning to the main iSymphony V3 module page to inform administrators that their license maintenance has expired, or is about to expire.


These changes were included in and resolve issues that were introduced in the first release of 3.0.3.

  • Fixed issue where multiple IndexOutOfBounds errors would be thrown when logging in and the current selected account in MyStream was not All Accounts. 


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