This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5. You can view older documentation on the Older Documentation page

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The following is a complete list of changes made between iSymphony 3.5.1 and iSymphony 3.5.2.

If you are not upgrading from iSymphony 3.5.1, be sure to check the change log and upgrade notes for previous versions as well


  • Added support for asterisk version 14 and 15.

    Due to changes in the AMI in asterisk v14, iSymphony version 3.5.2 or later is required to use asterisk v14 or later. Note that asterisk v14 and asterisk v15 are not considered LTS.


  • Recordings now initiate on the appropriate channel depending on the context instead of assuming the master channel will always be the same. This results in more expected behavior when using the drag and drop, hold, pause, and transfer features in iSymphony. Previously, a recording would stop after performing one of those actions due to the master channel being hung up. Now, the master channel is always the channel the recording button is clicked on, resulting in more predicable behavior  and allowing the use of drag and drop, hold, pause, and transfer without stopping the recording.

  • Record state uses "REC_STATUS" channel variable now instead of toggling. This allows detecting if a third party initiated record outside of iSymphony, ex. through the AMI, dial plan, feature code, etc. As a result iSymphony will update with third party changes and remember the state on logout/login and restart of the service.

Resolved Bugs

  • Resolved a critical issue where modifying certain permissions could result in the iSymphony service crashing.

  • Resolved an issue where queue widget call timer would reset upon sort.
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