This documentation relates to iSymphony 3.5. You can view older documentation on the Older Documentation page

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The following is a complete list of changes made between iSymphony 3.5.3 and iSymphony 3.5.4.

If you are not upgrading from iSymphony 3.5.3, be sure to check the change log and upgrade notes for previous versions as well.


  • Improved the way AMI events are received and distributed throughout iSymphony to better take advantage of parallelization for the majority of incoming AMI traffic. This improvement significantly increases load tolerance for multicore systems with heavy call and/or queue traffic.

Resolved Bugs

  • Resolved an issue where current queue calls failed to load in the My Stream Widget if the user logged out and back in.

  • Resolved an issue where "Hold" state would show incorrectly in the User Widget in some cases.

  • Resolved an issue where Queue Widget would throw an NPE for attended transfer events with no destination application set.

  • Resolved an issue where calls placed on hold could occasionally disappear from the user's My Stream preventing them from taking the active call off hold.


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