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  • Desktop Client V2 cannot connect to iSymphony server and cannot be downloaded from web interface
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The desktop client can't connect to iSymphony even though the correct hostname and port are configured.

In addition to the above issue the desktop client cannot be downloaded from the iSymphony web client.


If the host name and port are indeed correctly configured, this problem is caused by an incorrect desktop client module on the iSymphony server. The wrong version of the desktop client may be installed or it is missing entirely.


This problem can be resolved by (re)installing the correct desktop client module on the iSymphony server

Versions 3.4.2 and higher
  1. connect the (remote) shell of the iSymphony server
  2. stop the iSymphpony server
    service iSymphonyServerV3 stop
  3. remove current desktop module
    rm -rf /opt/isymphony3/server/modules/desktop
  4. Download the iSymphony server tar for the currently installed version
    cd ~/
    wget <URL from Download archive>
  5. extract desktop module from tar into iSymphony's module directory
    mkdir tmp
    tar -C ./tmp -xvf <downloaded file>.tar  --strip-components 1
    cp -r tmp/modules/desktop /opt/isymphony3/server/modules/
    rm -rf tmp
  6. Check ownership of the module
    See: Desktop Client Module Installation#3.SetTheFileOwnershipOfTheDesktopModule
  7. Start iSymphony
    service iSymphonyServerV3 start