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  • iSymphony JNLP client will not launch after upgrading Java to 1.7.0_45
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After an upgrade to Java 1.7.0_45 the launcher will warn you about the potental risk of launching an unsigned application and will also prompt you to block the application. After you choose not to block the application the client does not start.


Java 1.7.0_45 introduced an undocumented security modification that prevents insecure JNLP properties from being passed to the JVM preventing the client framework from launching.


Upgrade to iSymphony 2.8.1+.

After the upgrade you will still get the unknown publisher warnings but the client will launch.

If you can access the iSymphony client Administration Interface you can update using the Automated Update Instructions in the Updating iSymphony guide.

If you cannot access the client you will have to use the following commands to update the server via the iSymphony CLI.

telnet localhost 50001

You can type update_state in the iSymphony CLI to check on the status of the update.

After running the update command you will be droped back down to the iSymphony prompt while the update is downloaded. Once the download is compete you will be kicked out of the iSymphony CLI as the iSymphony Server is restarted for the update to apply. After a few minutes log back into the iSymphony CLI via the command telnet localhost 50001 and then type version to check that the server update was successful and you are now running the correct version. If the version is reporting correctly the update was applied and you can restart your clients to update the client files.


If the version is not correct and the update did not seem to apply run the following commands to install the update manually.

cd /opt/isymphony/server/update/server
chmod +x

Next restart the server based on the type of installation you have.


 service iSymphonyServer restart




Launch the application from the client command line with the following command that specifies the needed properties directly. You will need to insert the ip or hostname of your iSymphony server in the command.

javaws -J-Declipse.product=iSymphonyBrandingPlugin.product -J-Dosgi.instance.area=@user.home/isymphony/instance -J-Dosgi.configuration.area=@user.home/isymphony/config http://<ip or hostname of the iSymphony server>:50003/launch.jnlp

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