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  • iSymphony 3.0.0 Change Log

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  • Administrators can now specify if a user is a Full or Lite user:
    • Full users have access to all the functionality of the panel that the license allows. 
    • Non full users, or "lite" users, will only have access to limited functionality and will not show call state and cannot be accessed by other users in the system. 
    • The amount of users that can be made full users is limited by the license.
    • See Users for more information.


  • The boarder border around the account list popup in the User Box is now grey.
  • The enabled buttons for Users, PBX Connections, and Queues, in the Administrator, have been replaced by checkboxes.
  • Added tool tip to call history items in the My Stream widget to relay that they can be double clicked to call the number in the item.
  • Added mouse over highlights to the call history and account items in the My Stream widget.
  • The current selected account is now shown in the header of the My Stream widget.
  • Logging has been reduced in order to prevent large log files.
  • Only the dashboard that is currently being viewed is now loaded into the client side DOM instead of all dashboards. This prevents extraneous JavaScript processing for dashboard widgets that are not currently visible.
  • The maintenance date of a license is now visible on the license page in the Administrator.
  • When on a conference call the caller ID is now prepended with "Conf."
  • The client login background has been replaced with a CSS generated one.
  • Upgraded UI framework.