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When Sync With User Management is disabled all iSymphony user settings and extension relationships will be managed from Applications->Extensions->[extension number]->iSymphony Settings in FreePBX. Settings in Admin->User Management will not be used in iSymphony.

User Authentication

Beginning in iSymphony Module v13.0.5.0 authentication directly against FreePBX is supported. This allows iSymphony to integrate with the FreePBX user manager system while remaining agnostic. iSymphony Server v3.5.1 and later will support the module's FreePBX authentication provider. Starting in FreePBX v14 the sync with User Manager feature will require the authentication provider. This means for FreePBX v14 and later iSymphony Module v13.0.5.0 and iSymphony Server v3.5.1 or later will be required to use the sync with User Manager feature.

By default the authentication will take place over HTTP to the asterisk hostname specified in the module. For remote setups using sync with User Manager, using HTTPS is encouraged. HTTPS can be setup as follows:

  1. Install a certificate on the FreePBX server. See the FreePBX HTTPS Setup documentation for more information.
  2. On the machine the iSymphony Server is installed on add the protocol and port to the jvm.args file:
    1. Open /opt/isymphony3/server/jvm.args
    2. Add "-Dcom.xmlnamespace.panel.freepbx.auth.port=443". The default SSL port is 443, modify as needed with the SSL port specified in FreePBX.
    3. Add "-Dcom.xmlnamespace.panel.freepbx.auth.protocol=https".
    4. Restart the iSymphony Server for the changes to take affect.

The same technique can be used to modify the default port (80) over HTTP for special setups. 

iSymphony Module Configuration Page

The main iSymphony Module Configuration Page contains information about the module's connection to the iSymphony server along with top level configuration options for the iSymphony Server. You can access this page by navigating to Admin->iSymphony V3 in FreePBX.