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  1. Log into the iSymphony Administrator. Connecting to the Administration Interface.
  2. Navigate to Settings->System Settings.
  3. Under Recording Agents select Edit on the agent you wish to disable.
  4.  Change the Recording Directory field to the following:

    Code Block
  5. Click Apply then click Save on the System Settings page.
  6. Restart the iSymphony server process for good measure. See Starting And Stopping The iSymphony Server.
titleAsterisk / Third party integration - v3.5.2+

iSymphony uses the channel variable "REC_STATUS" to determine if a call is currently recording. If the variable is set to "RECORDING" the channel is considered recording. If the variable is set to "STOPPED" a recording exists and the recording has been stopped or paused. To have iSymphony detect and display recordings initiated or stopped outside of iSymphony the "REC_STATUS" channel variable should be set to the corresponding value.