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If you are not upgrading from iSymphony 3.5.4, be sure to check the change log and upgrade notes for previous versions as well.

Browser Cached Javascript

This release contains new versions of client side JavaScript libraries that were previously cached. Therefor if you are upgrading from any previous version of iSymphony you should clear the cache of any browser that has run iSymphony before.

Asterisk V14+ Support

Due to changes in the AMI in asterisk v14, iSymphony 3.5.2 or later is required to use Asterisk v14 or later.

End of Support Announcements

Support has been dropped for Asterisk version 1.8, 10, and 12 since iSymphony 3.3.x. iSymphony will continue to officially support Asterisk version 11 and 13.


Support for Desktop Client 1.x has been dropped, Desktop Client version 2.x will be required from iSymphony Server v3.4.2 onwards. To use v1.x of the desktop client a previous version of the iSymphony Server using Module 2.0.0 or 1.x will be required.

Upgrade Steps

Follow the standard upgrade instructions found in the Upgrading iSymphony document for all upgrades.