The iSymphony server provides several APIs that can be used to integrate external applications with iSymphony. These APIs provide information about the configuration, and live state of the iSymphony server, along with facilities to modify the configuration and perform actions. In conjunction with the CRM Widget, these APIs can also be used to create custom widgets for the iSymphony dashboard.

Web Services

The iSymphony server exposes the APIs as web services, via REST and WebSocket interfaces.  REST interfaces are used by the APIs which allow querying of information from the server, and performing actions. WebSocket interfaces are used by the APIs that provide realtime events, concerning state changes in the iSymphony server.


The following is a list of APIs provided by the iSymphony server. These APIs can be used individually, or in conjunction with each other, depending on the requirements of the developer. One API may provide information that can be used to correlate information in another API. Details of each API are provided in the individual API documentation.