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Server configuration page allows for modification of top level server configuration options and provides the interface for the update system.

Shutting Down Server

To shutdown the server from the administration interface right click on "Server" in the configuration tree and select "Shutdown".

Reloading Server

Reloading the server will perform an internal restart of the server and will reread the configuration from the xml files.
 To reload the server right click on "Server" and select "Reload"

Server Properties



Client Port:

The port the server will listen for client connection on (default: 50000).

CLI Port:

The port used to interface with the iSymphony CLI (default: 50001).

HTTP Port:

Port used for distributing updates to clients (default: 50003).

Administration Login



Administration interface username (default: admin).


Administration interface password (default: secret).




Auto Install Update if Available:

If checked update will download and install automatically if new version is found after selecting the Check For Updates button. Else update will be performed step by step.

Extension Buttons


 Cell Phone
 Do Not Disturb

Disables/Enables extension buttons system wide.

Default Permissions


Modify Default Permissions:

Allows for modification of the default permission set (See Permissions section).