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Welcome to the iSymphony Documentation!

We have recently moved to a new Wiki platform for all iSymphony documentation. This documentation will continue to be updated and refined as the migration continues. If you have any documentation needs that are not found here, please contact us at


We have completed a material audit of the iSymphony codebase and dependencies and have determined that iSymphony v3 is NOT vulnerable to CVE-2021-44228. iSymphony has utilized logback as it's primary logging facility provider since its inception which does not suffer as a vector relating to this vulnerability. 

For iSymphony 3.x

Please see the documentation at iSymphony 3.5 Documentation all topics should largely apply to previous iSymphony releases.

For iSymphony 2.x

We believe a very small number of customers are running legacy Symphony version 2, though most, if not all customers should be on 2.8. Please refer to iSymphony 2.8 Documentation for information relating to this version.

Note that iSymphony 2 has been End-Of-Life'd and has not been supported since May of 2015.

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