Extension Configuration

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Specifies the configuration for a particular extension in the system.

Adding Extension

To add an extension right click on the "Extensions" item in the configuration tree and select "New".

Removing Extension

To remove an extension right click on the extension item that you wish to remove and select "Remove".

Renaming Extension

To rename an extension right click on the extension item that you wish to rename and select "Rename".

Extension Properties




The extension number.


The name you wish to appear for the extension.

Cell Phone:

The mobile phone number for the extension.


The e-mail address for the extension.




The peer name specified in the Asterisk configuration for this extension. iSymphony automatically prepends "SIP/" to the extension number. This can be changed to "ZAP/", "IAX/" ect.

Alt. Origination Method:

If you do not want to utilize the peer value to perform originations you can set an alternative method here. For example if you want to utilize local channels to perform your originations you can set this to
"Local/<extension number>@context".

Originating Context:

Override for tenant originating context.

Redirecting Context:

Override for tenant redirecting context.

Agent Login Context:

Override for tenant agent login context.

Agent Login Interface:

Interface to watch for agent status if different than peer. Normally used if agents are logged into queues via local channels.

Agent Login Name:

Name extension's agent utilizes.

Agent Login Penalty:

Penalty to log agents in with (default: 0).

Account Code:

Account code used when originating calls.

Music On Hold Class:

Override for tenant music on hold class.

Auto answer originate callback:

If checked all originations made from this extension will automatically answer the origination callback. This will only work on phones that support the auto-answer headers.



Voice Mail Box:

The voicemail box number for the extension.

Voice Mail Context:

The voicemail box context for the extension.




Add agent.conf agent number to list of agents that this extension can log into.

Remove Selected:

Remove selected agents from the list.