Upgrading iSymphony

Last modified by Sean Hetherington on 2021/09/09 20:55

Upgrading from version 2


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Prior to Upgrading

Before performing an upgrade, please ensure you have read and understood the steps required. 

  1. Check to ensure that your licenses are compatible.
    iSymphony 3 licenses are valid for any version that is released prior to the maintenance and support expiration date for that license. If you upgrade iSymphony to a version that is not supported by your license, your license will be removed and iSymphony will run in Lite mode. You can determine the mainenance and support expiration date for your license by navigating to Settings, then Licensing in the iSymphony administration interface. See the following pages for more information:
  2. Read all relevant upgrade notes between your current version and the version you are upgrading to. See iSymphony Releases for release and upgrade notes.
  3. If you are using Remote Agents, see the Additional Upgrade Steps for Remote Agents page and ensure you follow the directions there as well. 
  4. If you are using the FreePBX module, ensure that you have installed all updates to the FreePBX module. New features in iSymphony may require changes to the FreePBX module, so it's important that you upgrade the FreePBX module when upgrading iSymphony itself. 


There are several methods of upgrading iSymphony. In general, we recommend using the automated update method, unless you have a specific reason to use the manual method, or the automatic method failed. See the following pages for details on each method: