iSymphony 3.5 Release Notes

Last modified by superadmin on 2021/09/09 20:56


We're excited to announce the release of iSymphony 3.5. iSymphony 3.5 is bringing several great new features, along with a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. 

There have been many changes in iSymphony 3.5 that may impact your use. Please be sure to read the release notes below and the upgrade notes before upgrading.

Queue Alerts

Queues now support configurable alerts. Alerts sets can be configured in the admin panel then added to existing queues. See Queue Alarms for configuration details. The alerts feature customizable highlighting for the Queue Widget and notifications when a threshold is triggered. See Queue Widget page for more information.

Externalized Language Support

Administrators can now extract language files and provide their own language packs for internationalization. See Internationalization I18N for more details.

FreePBX V14 User Manager Support

Beginning in patch release 3.5.1 support has been added for FreePBX v14 user manager integration. Due to modifications in the authentication strategy, v3.5.1 or later is required to integrate with the FreePBX v14+ user manager. Previous versions of iSymphony will continue to work with older versions of FreePBX and with FreePBX v14+ when the user manager is not used.

Asterisk V14 Support

Beginning in patch release 3.5.2 support has been added for asterisk v14. Due to modifications in the AMI v3.5.2 or later is required to use asterisk v14 or later.


In addition, we've made a few other small improvements, and fixed numerous bugs. For a complete list of changes, see the changelog. Before upgrading, be sure to read the upgrade notes