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The Extensions configuration page allows you to manage the Extensions available in the system. You can access the Extensions configuration page by selecting Extenions in the Administration Interface.

Extension Properties

Core Settings


Display Name:

The display name of the Extension.

PBX Settings



The number for the extension. Used for originating and transferring to the Extension.


The Extension's device/peer. Used to track call state for the Extension and specifies the device/peer used to originate from this Extension. Usually SIP/<extension number>.

Alt. Origination Method:

Allows specification of an alternative origination method for this extension. If blank the value of the Peer field is used for originations from this extension. This field is used in very rare cases.

Auto Answer:

If checked originations made from this extension will auto answer the initial origination call back. Also If a user owns this extension and transfers a call to it in the panel the call will automatically be answered.

Only works with the following types of devices:

  • Aastra
  • Polycom
  • Grandstream
  • Snom



Origination Context:

Overrides the Origination Context set in the Core Server settings for this Extension.

Redirecting Context:

Overrides the Redirecting Context set in the Core Server settings for this Extension.

Originate Timeout:

Overrides the Originate Timeout set in the Core Server settings for this Extension.




The context for this Extension's voicemail box.


The voicemail box for this Extension.

Agent Login


Agent Location:

The peer/device or Local channel used to log this extension into the Queue.

Agent Interface:

The agent interface used by the phone system to track agent state. Normally used when the Agent Location is set to a Local channel. Usually set to SIP/<extension number>.

Agent Name:

The agent name to use when logging this extension into a Queue.

Initial Agent Penalty:

The initial penalty value to set on the agent when this Extension is logged into the Queue

Agent Paused On Login:

If checked this extension's agent will be paused when logging into a Queue.