iSymphony Change Log

Last modified by Arthur Heffern on 2021/09/09 20:56

The following is a list of changes made between iSymphony 3.5.4 and iSymphony This release should greatly improve memory utilization and resolves several memory leaks which users in high-volume environments  where customers reported the need to restart the iSymphony Server periodically. Please report any anomalies at 

If you are not upgrading from iSymphony 3.5.4, be sure to check the change log and upgrade notes for previous versions as well.

IMPORTANT ERRATA: This version contains upgraded websocket push libraries (moving away from jquery push methods to plain javascript push). The side effect of this is that end users may get a "unable to load push" message when upgrading from any previous version(s) in a BIG RED BANNER at the top of the page when opening the client or administrator web interfaces after upgrading to this version.  If a user obtains this message, they should clear their browser cache or reload the page bypassing and refreshing the local cache (CTRL+F5 or Shift+Click Reload Button) or equivalent in the end-user's browser.

Future upgrades will not require this step as HTTP headers should now disable caching and the proper version should always be downloaded.


  • Improved reliability and performance of HTTP push, switched to pure javascript AJAX push libraries for client DOM modifications.
  • Added HTTP push strategies. iSymphony will now use websockets in most browsers and falls back to long polling where websockets.
  • Added code resolving two Security vulnerabilities reported by 1st & 3rd party vulnerability scans.

Resolved Bugs

  • Resolved an issue where iSymphony cannot transfer calls that are ringing

  • Resolved several memory and performance issues which were reported on high-volume systems
    • Resolved memory leak in in-memory data store 
    • Resolved an issue where HTTP Push caused memory leak under certain circumstances.  
    • Upgraded components of a third party User Interface library resolving several memory leaks in the User Interface 
    • Resolved issue with client side (browser) memory leaks on AccountPopupButton instantiations due to server holding reference in List View. Large List views benefit greatly.
  • Resolved issue where leftover ASTDB values were causing invalid parsing of presence state when invalid entries existed in ASTDB during a "presencestate list" command and the extension entries did not exist within cxpanel model. This should resolve invalid presence state representations.
  • Fixed an issue where "remember me" wasn't working right in some instances.

  • Fixed an issue where "box width" in users box view wasn't saved after setting and clicking "Ok"

  • Added cache and pragma HTTP headers to resolve future issues with cached JS dependencies